Multifunction Mineral Tabs – original Japanese product used by aquarists in Asia. Multifunction Mineral Tabs intensifies the metabolism and activity, stimulates the immune system and reproductive cycle. Also, Multifunction Mineral Tabs supplements minerals lost during slough thanks to balanced and natural forms of calcium and other minerals and microelements. It contains butyric acid bacteria, increasing the biodiversity of microflora of the microbes responsible for, among others, decomposition of undesirable substances. Moreover, butyric acid bacteria and other components stimulate the immune system and reproductive cycle.

  • Increases robustness and correct development of the shrimp
  • Supplements minerals lost during slough
  • Stimulates the reproductive cycle
  • Promotes development of beneficial bacteria decomposing hazardous substances

Directions for use
The product should be used regularly according to the following doses:

Zbiornik 30 cm Zbiornik 45 cm Zbiornik 60 cm Zbiornik 120 cm
1 to 2 tablets per one use 2 to 4 tablets per one use 3 to 6 tablets per one use 5 to 10 tablets per one use

It is not necessary to remove the unconsumed remnants from the aquarium. They do not pose a problem and remain a habitat for beneficial bacteria. Next dose should be added when there are no tablets left in the tank. Also, crushed tablets may be used to boost the effectiveness of their action.

Composition: natural calcium (fossil crustaceans), mineral salts and microelements, Chlorella, butyric acid derivatives.

A packaging contains 100 tablets.

The product is available in our online store..


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